15 Best Websites For For FPSC, PPSC, NTS, PTS, SBP Test Preparation

 15 Best Websites You Should Visit For FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, NTS, SBP 
Test Preparation

15 Best websites For Test Preparation

In this blog you are going to find out most useful websites for FPSC, PPSC, NTS, PTS, SPSC etc. Test Preparation. So if you want to get most relevant material in short span of time then this blog for you.
Internet is the best source to get our self educated and to find out the required information within short span of time. But, What if we don't know the right place on internet? Definitely, we will be distracted and waste much time in finding relevant material. Isn't it? Therefore, the self learning team decided to facilitate the students who don't know about best websites for test preparation. So, Let's start....

Do Remember These Two Rules for Preparation

Rule No: 1 

First work at your weak side

No matter whatever you are going to prepare but keep one thing in mind that first identify your strength and weaknesses before starting. For example. if you know you are good in English portion but weak in analytical or in current affair side then first you should work at your weak side. Few students have good skills in mathematics and have sound knowledge of current affairs but they are much weak at English portion. 
Do you know what is the common problem of 99% students? They used to spend much time in that area in which they are already strong and don’t emphasize on their weak portion. Believe me that is the actual problem of 99% students, therefore, they don’t achieve their goals and in result they lose their motivation and passion. So, first decide you want to be a part of 1% or 99%? You want to be a achiever or loser ? I hope you got my point.

Rule No: 2

 Again Re-Read the Rule No:1 & Be stick to it.


15 Best Websites for FPSC, PPSC, NTS, SBP Test Preparation

Now Lets Move to the 15 Best Websites You Should Visit For FPSC, PPSC, SPSC, NTS, STATE BANK 
Test Preparation

Before moving towards website info. First i want to let you know that i have categorized these websites as subject wise for better understanding. These Subject wise categories are as follows:

1. English 

2. Mathematics & Analytical Portion

3. General Knowledge & Current Affairs

Best Websites For English

1. Ibpsroad.com

Here you can find all your English related problems and can learn best grammar skills for any Govt. Test

Aptitude Questions Answers, Current Affairs, Govt Jobs, IBPS, SSC, UPSC, CAT, MAT

2. Target Study.com
Here you can find best English grammar lessons for Practice of Narrations, Active Passive Voice and much more. 

Education in India

3. www.sheir.org


In this website you can not only find very useful data but also English past papers for Test Preparation 

Image result for sheir.org


4. Indiabix.com

One of the best website for Test Preparation. In this site you can find very comprehensive detail about English Grammar and can test your knowledge through quizzes. 

Image result for Indiabix

5. British Council Pakistan
This is best platform for beginners as well as for advance level learners. It gives you big opportunity to learn English Grammar. Must do visit it once, you will explore much stuff for you here.

Image result for British council

Best Websites for Mathematics & Analytical Reasoning

1. www.math-only-math.com
This is one of the best website i have found for mathematics and analytical reasoning. You can find here tons of mathematics exercises.

2. Indiabix.com

It is another one of the best website for Test Preparation. In this site you can find complete detailed portion for mathematics and analytical portion. 

Image result for Indiabix

3.  Bankersadda.com

Yes! If you are preparing for tricky mathematics questions for Banks, GRE, for Auditors Test then you should visit this website


Prepare for IBPS, SBI Bank PO, Clerk, RBI, Insurance Exam | Bankers Adda


4. www.careerbless.com

 You can find good content on this site for Quantitative Aptitude Test Preparation, Online Test etc. 


5. Avatto.com

It is also best website for logical reasoning, mathematics reasoning, GAT Test, Custom Inspector and other Govt. test.


Best Websites for Current Affairs & General Knowledge

1. CSStimes.pk

This is one of the best site for Current affairs’ monthly magazines and General Knowledge. I would recommend to visit this site and download monthly one liner magazine of each month. You will also find latest hot topics here about current and upcoming events. 


Image result for csstimes.

2. Pakmcqs.com

If you don’t want to read the complete articles or current events then go to this site. Here you can find MCQS questions. This site is well designed and continuously updated for G.K and Current Affairs. 



3. Mcqsforum.com

Here you can also find detailed topic wise MCQS for G.K & Current Affairs and Past papers for different Govt. Jobs.

MCQs Forum

4.  Csspoint.com

This is one of the most renowned site for aspirants. You can find very detailed MCQS of G.K and Current Affairs. They share very recent content with their target audience. You should visit this site for Current affairs and for each topic of G.K


Image result for Csspoint

5. www.jworldtimes.com

Jhangir World Times Magazine (JWT) is considered as the first  comprehensive magazine for the students and teachers of competitive exams. It is the best magazine for Current Affairs and General Knowledge. 


Jahangir's World Times

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