How to Balance Mental and Physical Health ?
  1. Why balance between mental and Physical health is important?
  2. What are the Ways to Balance Mental and Physical Health in College/University

University is a time of personal growth, and being a student will bring a number of changes to your lifestyle – some will be exciting and interesting and others will be challenging and demanding. It is so important to look after yourself and to adopt good health and well-being habits to help your body and mind and deal with the challenges of student life. You will be juggling academic pressures new environments, new relationships, part-time work, club and society activity, commuting and new living environments. You can be more effective and successful if you are studying and living from a place of calm and balance. So, here are few questions to ask about yourself right now. 

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  1. Are you actually aware of the difference between mental and physical health?
  2. Are you mentally disturb and take little things on your nerve?
  3. Do you feel trapped, and probably a bit depressed?
  4. Do you feel imbalance between your mental and physical health?

No worries! If you feel this way, there is a solution to every problem and it’s right below;

This will help you find your way and do only the things you need to do, in order to achieve success.

First of all, you need to know what the difference between mental and physical health is and then how it affects our life and how we can create a balance between mental and physical health.

Mental health refers to our emotional, psychological and social well-being. It is all about how we feel, behave and response. If you are suffering with mental illness it badly affects your physical health too. In order to be physically fit you must be concern about your mental health. Mental illness is spreading in our youth like a fatal decease. It includes depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, schizophrenia, clonazepam addiction and abuse etc.

Whereas physical heath refers to the overall well-being and is the most visible kind of health, which also includes intellectual, social, emotional, spiritual and environmental health. If you are unhealthy and not feeling well it is easy for the people to know about your sufferings by your physical appearance. Some of the most obvious and serious signs that we are unhealthy appear physically. If you want to be physically fit you need to schedule your life and know how to balance your mental and physical heath to be productive.


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Here are the following tips by which you can create balance between mental and physical heath

Consider mental illness as seriously as physical illness

Most people ignore mental health as it is not visible. Stop looking for the obvious signs. Consider small signs as a warning signs. Like if you are getting rude on little talks and shutting doors on someone else faces without any appropriate reason you must pause yourself right here and think about it more genuinely why you’re acting like this. You shouldn’t let go the symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. The symptoms of mental illness might include:                                                 

  • Crying
  • Overthinking
  • Bad temper
  • Loss of interest
  • Feeling powerless
  • Disconnections
  1. Take time out for yourself.

 Take a little time out of your busy life to just focus on you. The ‘me time’ is very important in the hectic day routine. The ‘me time’ is basically the time in which you do things that provide pleasure to your soul.

Make list of the things you would love to do and try to spare time for your being, to create a balance between your work life and self-life. The few things that you can do in your spare time like;

  • Outing with the family
  • Planting
  • Book reading
  • Analyze yourself
  • Pamper yourself
  • Evaluate, where you’re, and where you want to be
  1. Yoga and Meditation.

The objective of meditation is to focus and understand your mind. If you’re feeling numb, the best way to relax your mind and body is through yoga and meditation. Meditation is the ancient practice of relaxing your mind but scientists are still discovering all of its benefits. There are many forms of meditation you can choose what suits you best. You can start your meditation in the following ways

  • Choose a peaceful surrounding     
  • Take your mat with you
  • Breath in, breath out
  • Stretch your body out
  • Sit in a comfortable position
  • Clear your mind
  • Focus on positive things
  • Avoid all negativity
  1. Focus on your priorities

In a world full of mean people know who is your well-wisher and who is your enemy. Make list of your priorities and just focus on them. You can’t please everyone so take care of the people who want to see you on the peak. The following people must be on your priority list:

  • Your parents
  • People who motivates you
  • Person who inspire you
  • Friends who push you to do what is right for you
  1. Avoid negativity

Try to think what bring happiness to you. Avoid over-thinking about past events and don’t think much about your future, just focus on your present as you can’t change your past and to achieve your future goals you must focus on your present moment. By considering following tips you can cope up with the negative situation:

  • Know what makes you frustrated
  • Release your frustration
  • Talk about your problem
  • Make a way out of your problem
  • Never give up, keep trying until you succeed
  1. Know your worth
    You’re important and you matter, maybe not for the world but for the ones who care for you and want to see you successful. Know your importance and don’t let people to take advantage of you. Learn to walk away from the people who don’t value you. Your soul is precious and you deserve more, so never ever try to settle for less than you deserve.

You need to create distance from the people, if you feel that their behavior and attitude is threatening you to achieve your mission. Here is how you can isolate yourself from these kinds of people:

  • Set your standards
  • Limit yourself to the people who genuinely care for you
  • Never unveil your moves
  • Evaluate what you get and what you deserve
Don’t disclose your plans to the people who have no concern for you

         6. Don’t let your mind control you.

Never let your thoughts to control you. Sometimes you dig in a situation, from where you think, there is no way out and you start seeking for help from others. You pin your ears back to almost everyone in your surrounding and at the time of making decision you get confused, this is the exact time from where your mind starts to control you. Believe me, you are the controller of your life and you only have the power to control or balance your life. Here is, how you can self-control on your emotions:

  • Determination
  • Patience
  • Will-power
  • Calmness
  • Equilibrium


Let’s talk about physical health. If you ponder some of the following points you can be physically fit and will perform your best to achieve what you desired.

  1. Exercise

Make a habit of doing exercise at least forty minutes a day. It makes you energetic and active. Exercise is the best method for:

  • Reducing stress
  • Open your mind
  • Relax your tired soul
  • Stretch your body

It is not necessary to go to gym to do exercise, you can do your exercise at your home or at any park that is near to your residence. 

   2. Take enough sleep.

To complete our day routines task we prefer to stay up late. By staying up late we might complete our unfinished task but it’ll leave terrible impact on our health. If we want to be physically fit we need to schedule our time and sleep no less than 8 hours a night. Sleep deprivation carries a large cost to your health and wellness. It affects your brain severely. Let your body rest and be productive the next morning you wake up. You can sleep soundly if you.

  • Avoid negative thoughts
  • Focus on your major goals
  • Never use your phone once you lay down on your bed to sleep

  3. Balance diet

What you consume becomes you. Choose a healthy diet plan and follow it by all your heart. Your poor diet will leave bad influence on your health. If you want to be well then you have to eat good and fresh food. Eat each and everything but in a moderate manner. People usually think that sugar is bad for their health but it’s just a myth. Our body needs sugar or glucose to function, but what matter most is the quantity. Things you need for a balanced diet Image result for balance diet

  • Vegetables and legumes (beans)
  • Fruits
  • Grains and cereals
  • Lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, legumes (beans) tofu, nuts, and seeds
  • Milk, cheese, yogurt or alternatives

    4. Increase you water intake

    To prevent dehydration, you need to take sufficient amount of water. Water is a weightless and zero calorie drink. It is the best drink to hydrate your body. To stay fit and healthy one must avoid flavored and energy drinks. Researchers’ says that one must drink at least 8 class of water a day. Ways to increase your water intake:
  • Keep bottle in front of you
  • Drink water before you start eating anything
  • Add flavor to your water (detox water
  • Eat your water (watermelon, cucumber, tomato, grapefruit etc.)

    Hope this will help you in creating a balance between your mental and physical health.

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Nothing is impossible; the word itself says ‘I’m possible’. You can achieve what you want by just focusing on your self-being. Sometimes it’s ok to be selfish, so be selfish and love yourself to achieve what bring happiness to your depressed soul.

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