How to Better Market Yourself For a Good Job?

9 Best Tips For Fresh Graduates

Once you are done with graduation, you have to step in, in the practical life and finding a job is your first ever priority, here are a few tips for getting good job in the market. Everyone with a degree can’t get into the market. Every market has its own standards and vacancies, we have to look at those requirements before stepping in. So, we have to polish ourselves and our skills before stepping in, in the market.

1. Study the company you are applying to...

It is an important and essential step in knowing the basics of the
company you are applying to, it will show the interviewer that you are genuinely interested in the opportunity they are availing and also have done your homework on the company itself, all this will leave a good impression of you on the interviewer, and also will boost your confidence.

2. Know Your Resume

You should be truthful in your resume and know it by heart. Resume is your life experience in written format, it shows your skills, knowledge and past work experiences as well, you write all your achievements and how you have achieved them in a piece of paper with your qualifications details . Your resume will let the interviewer know that he has written down everything he has actually achieved.

Remember: Resume is not a piece of paper, its You, Yes You.

3. Always Take Your Essentials with You

Many of the fresh graduates don’t give much importance to this, and does have an impact on your confidence level. Your essentials for a job interview should be some extra copies of your resume, a bottle of water, pens, comb (for touchups, minutes before the interview) , notebook. Better be prepared beforehand than be embarrassed afterwards.

4. Study the Job Description Carefully

Knowing what job you are applying for is the most important step, if you know what the interviewer needs and which skills he is looking for, you are half there. You can also predict where the interviewer may lead the interview. Studying thoroughly the job description is one of the best way to have a good impression on the interviewer

5. Build Rapport

“There’s never a second chance to make a first impression?”

 This statement is very true in the case of job interviews. Leave a positive impact on the interviewer, shake hands gently, make an eye contact while answering the asked questions, have a humble smile on your face during the course of the interview. This will mark a good impression of you on the interviewer.

6. Make Eye Contact Confidently During Your Interview

Eye contact is the strongest forms of non-verbal communication among the interviewer and the applicant. Making eye contact without any hesitation or blinking rapidly tells a lot about your high self esteem even without you justifying it by your words.

7. Work On Your Body language

Sitting up straight with your chest out, having a  smile on your face, gently using your hands when necessary, these are all the small gestures but have a great impact on the interviewer. Don’t overuse your body language. Use only when necessary. It also shows your high or low self esteem to the interviewer straight away.

8. Dress Properly

One of the main points is how you appear for an interview, appearance tells a lot about your personality. You have to look decent and formal when going to a formal place, it shows your inner self, shows how you know about things, how connected you are to your surroundings. Dressing properly and behaving properly boost your confidence level and also leave an impression on the interviewer.

9. Be Yourself

Whatever the situation is, you have to be yourself. During an interview, you have to be formal but you also have to be your own self, if you act fake during an interview you may get the job, but when your true self comes out, you will soon be fired as they didn’t hire your true self, they hired the one you pretended to be one.

I hope, after having all these tips, you can better market yourself for any relevant Job

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Author: Haider Abbas 

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