Auditing Quiz- 6

Senior Auditor Test 2019- Quiz Series- Auditing Quiz

Stock should be valued at_________?
In determining the level of materiality for an audit, what should not be considered?
Internal audit is undertaken:
The working papers which auditor prepares for financial statements audit are___________?
The main object of an audit is _____________?
Audit programme is prepared by____________?
What would most effectively describe the risk of incorrect acceptance in terms of substantive audit testing?
When issuing unqualified opinion, the auditor who evaluates the audit findings should be satisfied that the___________?
Goods sent on approval basis’ have been recorded as ‘Credit sales’. This is an example of____________?
Goods sold on the basis of ‘sales or return ‘ should:
Which of the following best describes the primary purpose of audit programme preparation?
Window dressing implies_______________?
Which of the following affects audit effectiveness?
The quantity of audit working papers complied on engagement would most be affected by__________?
Floating assets are valued at____________?
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Auditing Quiz- 6
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