Custom Inspector (Preventive Officer)
Batch-1 Questions

  1. Imran khan first foreign visit as PM to which country?
  2. NATO headquarters in which country?
  3. Who is French P.M?
  4. The Operation desert storm against?
  5. In which year FATF put Pakistan in gray list?
  6. NAP stands for ?
  7. Northern Ireland issue resolved by ?
  8. Scot land got independence from which country?
  9.  ICIJ stand for ?
  10. CPEC  stands for?
  11. URI location?
  12. Which team won 2018 PSL Cup ?
  13. India first nuclear test conducted in ?
  14. AIML founder name ?
  15. Who was the first convener of Pakistan Muslim league?
  16. Nawaz Shareef second assembly was resolved by ?
  17.  Who was the P.M at the time of first constitution?
  18. Bhutto became PM in ?
  19. 2nd martial law was imposed on date?
  20. Event of Miraj took place on ?
  21. Which king tore Holy Prophet letter of invitation for Islam?
  22. Makkah was conquest on?
  23. What is the other name of Bait e Rizwan?
  24. First woman commander of Islamic Army?
  25. Who is the last wife of Holy Prophet S.A.W ?
  26. Number of periods in modern periodic table ?
  27. What is transition element?
  28. Ink spread on water due to ?
  29. Carbon usually use in ?
  30. Methane gas member of which group?
  31. Meteorology is the study of?
  32. S.I unit of heat?
  33. Instrument for measuring the wind speed?
  34. Energy in spring due to ?
  35. Which country passes modern slavery bill ?

Today's Custom Inspector Batch-4 & Batch-5 Questions (Appraising Officer)

  1. How many purpose of Holy Prophet S.A.W Prophet hood mentioned in Quran?
  2. Properties of Muttaqeen mentioned in Surah Al Bqarah?
  3. Arabic Word Zalika is?
  4. Arabic word Nastaeen is?
  5. The Book Sunan Ibn e Maja was written by?
  6. Which son of Prophet has Prophet said about He will form sulah between two groups of Muslim?
  7. North Korea signed de-nuclearization treaty in 2018 with ?
  8. Nadia Khan got noble prize for ?
  9. Imran Khan is __________ Prime minister of Pakistan?
  10. Pakistan current ranking in corruption Index?
  11. Which country has tested anti ballistic missile (SARMAT) recently?
  12. According to ADB India current GDP growth is ?
  13. Which country recently inaugurated world largest Airport with the cost of 11$bn?
  14. 2018 G-20 Summit was? 13th 
  15. PPP seats in general elections 2018?
  16. Grand Opposition nominated (Ayaz Sadiq) speaker name from their side?
  17. Pakistan largest ambulance system?
  18. Chahbahar port is located in Country?
  19. Which Country Passes modern slavery bill?
  20. U.K Prime minister name ?
  21. Who is the player of the year nominated by ICC for 2018?
  22. Shah Wali Ullah was born in year?
  23. Quaid -i-Azam took his last breath at ? Karachi
  24. Quadi-i-Azam spent his last few days at? Ziarat
  25. Who took Oath from Quaid-i-Azam?
  26. Who took Oath from Liaquat Ali Khan?
  27. Who proposed two nation theory first time?
  28. Who first demanded separate homeland for Muslims?
  29. Electric motor converts which energy?
  30. Cooling agent in nuclear reactor is?
  31. Which metal is used in making electric rod?
  32. Why food get cooked early in pressure cooker?
  33. What is the melting point of Tungsten?
  34. Why water drop has spherical shape ?
  35. Which Color has maximum wavelength? Red? Blue? Green?
  36. Which Color has shortest wavelength? Red? Blue? Green?
  37. Green leaves color in sharp red light?
  38. The drop of water shines because of?
  39. Flow of heat from hot body to cold is the process of?
  40. I________ strange Voice.(heard)

Today's Custom Inspector Batch-3 & Batch-4 Questions

  1. Which planet is visible from earth?
  2. Which is the planet moving with greater speed around the Sun?
  3. What is Bait Rizwan?
  4. What does mean of Al Hujrat?
  5. What is the Unit of Current?
  6. Which currently recently give 2.5b to Pakistan to improve reserves?
  7.  Islamia college Peshawar found by ?
  8. Name the two guest countries in BRICS summit?
  9. How many Hadith narrated by Hazrat Aisha (R.A)?
  10. What does mean of Al Ahzab?
  11. Which prime minister won the fourth consecutive term? (Hassina Wajid)
  12. Which key is used to spell check in MS Word?
  13. Who is the king of Malaysia ? (Sultan Abdullah)
  14. France friendship treaty with which country?
  15. Who was the father of Allama Iqbal?
  16. When did Allama Iqbal Join all india muslim league?
  17. First female high court judge of Pakistan?
  18.  Under root a2-b2 is equal to ?
  19. Who is the new  US secretary to Trump?
  20. Which of the following is organic compound?
  21. What is the product of under root 18x and under root 8x?
  22. Who is the world first democracy according to the economic democratic index?
  23. US impose 60bn tarrif on which country? (China)
  24. What is collinear point?
  25. The difference between two complete square number ending with 9 is? 
  26. While it started raining, we ____________ cricket? ( were playing)
  27. Which country’s men hockey team won world cup first time? (Belgium)
  28. King Muhammad bin Suleman visited Pakistan on 17 feb-2018?
  29. 1st President of Pakistan? Iskanadr Mirza
  30. The book spirit of Islam is written by? Syed Ameer Ali
  31. 1st P.M lady ? Benazir
  32. What are the primary color? Red, Blue, Green.
  33. The option HIde Slide is used in power point for? Presentation
  34. Kot Dhiji located in ? Sindh
  35. How to make table in MS. Excel?
  36. Arab economic development summit was held at Lebonan.
  37. Pakistan exchange prisoners in jan with? UK
  38. Which social media platform has invest 300$m to promote local news? FaceBook
  39. Sultan Abdullah is 16th king of ? Qatar
  40. Which space agency launched a satellite for artificial shower? NASA
  41. Let the door be opened? Passive Voice. 

Today's Custom Inspector Batch-1 & Batch 2 Questions

More Questions

  1. What is the PH of neutral Solutions?
    Ans. 7
  2. Uncertainty principle was presented by?
    Ans. Heisenberg
  3. Nuclear reactor works on principle of?
    Ans. Nuclear fission
  4. Corpuscular theory of light was presented by?
    Ans. Newton
  5. Optical fiber work on principle of?
    Ans. Total internal reflection
  6. Bonding between neutrons and protons in nucleus is called?
    Ans.  Nucleons
  7. Theory of relativity is presented by?
    Ans. Albert Einstein
  8. Radio activity was discovered by?
    Ans. Henri Becquerel
  9. Unit of Charge is?
    Ans. Column 

The self

  1.  Allama Iqbal completed his PHD from which university? 
    Ans. Munich
  2. Liaquat Ali Khan birth place?
    Ans. Karnal
  3. Shah Wali Allah real name and Birth place?
    Ans. Name (Qutabuddin) Place (Muzaffargarh)
  4. Pak-China Bus between kashgar to Lahore started on?
    Ans. 3rd Nov-2018
  5.  Which country withdrawn from OPEC ?
    Ans. Qatar
  6. Asif Saeed Khosa became ___ C.J of Pakistan.
    Ans. 26th 
  7. Allama Iqbal elected member of Punjab Council in?
    Ans. 1926
  8. Which Pakistani woman recently became American Judge ?
    Ans. Rabia Coiler
  9. Which Turkish Party won june 2018 Elections?
    Ans. Justice & Development party
  10. Turkish president Erdogan secured what percent of votes in recent elections? summit
    Ans. 52.59%
  11. BRICS 10th summit was held in?
    Ans. Johannesburg, South Africa
  12. Kartarpur inauguration ceremony held by P.M on which date ?
    Ans. 28 Nov. 2018
  13. Oldest head of state ?
  14. P.M Imran Khan first official visit to which Country? 
    Ans. Saudia Arabia 
  15.  Sun is a ? 
    Ans. Star
  16. Most abundant element on earth’s crust?
    Ans. Oxygen
  17. Most abundant element in Universe?
    Ans. Hydrogen
  18. S.I unit of Charge (q)?
    Ans. Columb
  19. Who presented theory of relativity?
    Ans. Einstein
  20. Device that converts chemical energy into electrical energy?
    Ans. Battery
  21. Electrical generator works on which principle? 
    Ans. Mutual Induction
  22. Meaning of Al- Baqarah ?
    Ans. Cow
  23. Topic of Surah Hujrat?
    Ans. Ethics & Morality
  24. Name of dignified months?
    Ans. 4 months
  25. Meaning of “Ihsan”?
    Ans. Perfection & Excellence 
  26. The title ameen ul ummat to which sahabi?
    Ans. Hazrat Abu Ubaidah bin Al Jarah
  27. Which saudi Journalist killed in turkey?
    Ans. Jamal Kashogi
  28. US special envoy to Afghanistan?
    Ans. Khaleal zad zilmy
  29. Who is the current UN secretary general ?
    Ans. Antonio guetters from Portugal
  30. Mass of sun comprises hydrogen and ________?
    Ans. Helium

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