The Current Feminism & History of Feminist Movement in Pakistan

Aurat March

So… you’re a feminist? Well, I’m going to assume you’re a biased, vengeful, man-hating, self-righteous woman. Let’s talk about the current feminist movement in Pakistan

1. Are you attention seeker or you’re thinking outside the box?

This is how you’re typically labelled for being a feminist in Pakistan. People think you’re a attention seeker because you’re thinking outside the box. People think you’re asking for something that you don’t really need at all. And now since you’re a feminist you must automatically hate all men.

2. Feminism is a controversial topic?

Feminism has always been a controversial topic. The fight for basic rights for women has been challenging for the first World countries however, the third world countries have more legitimate issues that need to be addressed. Especially here in Pakistan since our religion plays a very important role in our lives and it also effects how we think.

It baffles me how uneducated our society is about this ideology. And how there is negative stigma that surrounds anyone associated with this movement. I’m sure all of us are well aware of a march that took place a few weeks ago known as the ‘AURAT MARCH’.

3. Woman Empowerment & Social Norms

And to be very honest It gave me immense joy when I saw the term ‘aurat‘ instead of anything else. It showed how this movement was directly linked with our society and the whole idea of that march only revolved around the empowerment of women and spoke up for their basic rights. It broke all stereotypes and showed how our society just might be changing. It showed how our people are educated enough now to understand and stand up against cultural norms that have affected the women in our society for many years.

4. Real Issues Vs Liberal Misandrist

But much to my expectations I was a little disappointed in the whole march when I did not see a single banner or placard that focused on some of the real issues that affect the women in Pakistan. (though there were a few) but not much was being spoken about education, under age marriages, acid attacks, murders, rapes, after marital issues, widows and domestic violence instead the whole direction of the march was a rumination of liberal misandrist concept that promoted indecency and contradicted our religious beliefs. 

5. The True Concept of Feminism

Feminism is an egalitarian idea that treats people equally before law. It should not be made into a sexist ideology based around a victim hood narrative. It should focus on the idea that both genders deserve equal rights and opportunities instead of belittling one gender in order to feel superior.

6. Fact is Fact!

In any society religious ideology and Social norms are the fundamentals for each activity . Mostly females argued that why people show their hate when females demand their rights? As i thought, we don’t highlight the real issue of females and portrait the false representation of Pakistani woman. In recent “Aurat March” People have observed  many play cards in which bad slogans were written that was totally against the norms and values of our society. The participants of this march were not presenting the true problems of woman and they were more focused to sexist ideology based narrative. We should first learn that what to say, how to say, and what are the parameters that should not be violated. 

Let’s Conclude the Irony of Our Nation

Lastly, I would like to conclude that the irony of our nation is, we never share the good side of anything and try our best to shift the focus from some real issues by making them controversial enough. Even though the march did not reach up to my expectations I still am proud of its initiation this year. It was a huge achievement in itself. And I hope in coming years people are more educated about it and the direction is more focused on real issues that actually matter.


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