Sentence Correction

Rules & Excercises

  1. If the books have been cataloged last week, why haven’t they been placed on the shelf? 
    • have been cataloged 
    • would have been cataloged 
    • was cataloged 
    • were cataloged 

   2. The setting of a story effects the story’s plot.

    • effects the story’s plot. 
    • effects the stories plot. 
    • affect the story’s plot. 
    • affects the story’s plot. 
   3.If I had the address, I would have delivered the book myself.
    • had been the address; 
    • had the address- 
    • had had the address
    4.If she would have revised her first draft, she would have received a better grade.
    • would have revised 
    • had revised 
    • could of revised 
    • had of revised 
    5.By next month, Mr. Shareef will be Mayor of Lahore for three years.
    • would be Mayor of Lahore
    • would have been Mayor of Lahore
    • will be mayor of Lahore 
    • will have been mayor of Lahore

6.The small child does whatever his father was done.

    • has done
    • was done
    • does
    • had done

  7. The woman to who I sold my car was a cheat.

    • to whom I sell
    • to who I sell
    • to whom I sold
    • to who I sell

  8.We were all shocked at their failure in the competition.

    • were shocked at all
    • had all shocked by
    • had all shocked at
    • None of these

  9.He needs not offer any explanation regarding this incident – his behavior is speaking itself

    • Speaks for itself
    • has been speaking
    • speaks about itself
    • None of these

  10. The performance of our players was rather worst than I had expected.

    • worse than I had expected
    • worst than I had expected
    • worst than was expected
    • None of these

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